Staff of New Alaska Volkhov Limited  is a team of professionals using modern technologies of production and quality control.


We have equipped the workshops of our factory with modern equipment for processing wild caught raw materials of crabs and frozen fish. All the production processes are maximally automated, which allowed us to improve occupational safety and quality of products. The quality of our products is the result not only of using modern production technologies, but also of organic wild caught raw materials, as well as of scrupulous respect for strict sanitary standards of production, transportation and storing of the products.


Since the production of high-level products must meet the highest quality standards, the HACCP food safety management system has been implemented and operates at the factory (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified according to the international standard BRC (British Retail Consortium).


All the products manufactured at the factory are certified according to the MSC standard (Marine Stewardship Council). Compliance with the MSC certificate confirms the sustainability of the fishery and our environmental responsibility


НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

This system provides identifying hazards, establishing preventive measures and critical control points, introducing checks and, consequently, it guarantees foodstuffs safety. HACCP principles are recognized internationally and applicable to all food commodities processing and food and drink production industries at all stages of their life cycle: from producing to final consumption.


ВRC (British Retail Consortium).

This is an international standard for food industry aimed at ensuring proper functioning of the whole product supply chain, product safety control at each stage of supply chain. BRC is based on combining HACCP principles, systems of quality management, productive environment management, production processes management and staff management. Certification for compliance with this standard helps manufacturers, company owners and sellers to comply with legal requirements, ensuring consumers’ safety.


MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).

An international independent non-profit organization which establishes standards for sustainable fishing in order to solve the global problem of overfishing, leading to depletion of world’s fish stocks. This certification program is the most authoritative in the world and deservedly enjoys consumers’ trust. For responsible approach to exploitation of sea bio-resources the MSC gives manufacturer the right to mark the products with its label, which indicates the compliance of these products with environmental standards of fish catching and processing.

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