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New Alaska Volkhov Limited means an own wild caught raw material base, a modern factory, well-established logistics and guarantee of high quality of sold products.

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New Alaska Volkhov is a trade-production subdivision of North West Fishing Consortium (NWFC) which has oceanic and coastal industrial quotas for Red King crab, Snow crab, Atlantic cod, haddock and Greenland halibut in the Barents Sea. Fishing is carried out in the north-eastern Atlantic district – catching zone FAO 27. At present, we have an exclusive distributor right of making products of sections of Red King crab and Snow crab, which are caught by NWFC vessels.


In 2013, an own manufacturing site, which includes a factory and warehouses, was put into operation in the city of Veliky Novgorod. This production complex has modern equipment, which allows us to make competitive products of high quality. These products are in demand in foreign and local markets all over the world. Certification of our production site allows us to supply products to Russia, Europe, China, Japan, USA and other countries. We constantly analyze and monitor the needs of different categories of customers, and according to their needs we expand the assortment of products and increase our production volume. Due to this we are capable to make products taking into account individual requirements of customers.


New Alaska Volkhov  is a regular participant of the largest international seafood exhibitions: Exhibition of fish industry, Seafood and Technologies (Seafood Expo), St. Petersburg; Seafood Expo Global, Brussels; Seafood Expo Asia, Hong Kong; China Fisheries & SeaFood Expo, Qingdao; International Seafood & Technology Expo, Tokyo.




Raw materials for our products arrive at the factory directly from the vessels of GC “NWFC”. Right on board the vessel crabs are specially treated, after that they come into production keeping their natural taste.


Modern production technologies are implemented at our factory and the equipment from the leading global manufacturers is installed — Marel, ULMA, Baader.


Our company is ready to provide a product to a customer taking into account their wishes.


We do not use aquaculture; we use only organic raw materials.

Laboratory quality control at each stage of production. Food safety management system HACCP (eng. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is implemented at the factory.


We deliver by any means of transport to any place in the world. The products we make are supplied to Europe, USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong and South Korea.

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